Sterling Silver Gemini Zodiac Charm With Birthstone

$ 30.00

This sterling silver gemini zodiac charm is handcrafted, by me, using a jeweler's hand saw for cutting out zodiac symbol and a torch for soldering. I then have a mold made and the pendant is casted in sterling silver.  A patinia is then skillfully applied.

Gemini: The twins are noted for swift movement and associated with the interchange of ideas and fluid responses to circumstances

Pendant can be ordered with either ancient or traditional birthstones.

Ancient Birthstone: Agate

Traditional Birthstone: Emerald

Zodiac Pendant Size: 3/8" x 1/2"

Each of my pieces are handcrafted, minimal details may vary.

Any requests or suggestions - please feel free to contact me - I'm happy to accommodate if possible.


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