Sterling Silver and Copper Seed Pod Earrings

$ 120.00

These sterling silver and copper seed pod earrings are inspired for their organic beauty and their important function - they are the vessels that hold the seeds safe until they are ready to supply us with plant, food, and life.  

Earring Details:

Earring Size: Approximately 1" x 3/4" 

Earring Attachment: Dangle or Post

Earring Materials: Mixed Metal (Copper and Sterling Silver) or Sterling Silver

The Process:  

Is a fairly simple one that has been refined over time.    Most of Naomi's jeweler pieces are created using 3 tools. * A hand held jeweler's saw is used to cut out various images applied in jewelry ** An oxygen and propane torch for soldering *** A few different types of hammers for texturing the metals.  




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